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SAG strike forthcoming?

Tonner Cyn

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I was just reading an article from MSN's frontpage that said negotiations between SAG and AMPTP broke down after a couple of marathon sessions. According to the article, SAG was looking for a deal that was slightly better than what the other guilds had signed up for over the last year. AMPTP balked at that and also raised the current economic situation as reason they could not offer more than they had. SAG is apparently now seeking the authorization to go on strike. This could be pretty bad, though I would have to think that the public might not be too sympathetic to the actors right now.


EDIT: add link to article:


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They need to get over themselves, really.

They get millions of dollars for 6 weeks of work, on average.

And they would strike for what reason?

Woe is me....



Try being a police officer.

Or work in a hospital or nursing home.

Or a teacher in urban cities that you have to watch your back at every turn.

Or hold the business end of a hose full of water in a burning house.

Or dodging bullets and bombs in the sand.

THEN talk to me about how hard you have it.


I love movies, and televised entertainment as much as the next person, but there really needs to be a reality check out in Hollywood.

They need to be aware that the world is alot bigger and more important than their catered trailers and limousine rides everywhere.



Ok, sorry about the excessive rant.

Back to our regularly scheduled program....

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