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SSF2T HD Remix Tournament


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Well the release of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix is finally upon us. LCVG has had some small fighting tournaments in the past (I remember the grueling Fight Night 3 tournament from a few years back quite fondly) so I'd like to continue the tradition with the latest Street Fighter title.


How many here would be interested in getting a tournament going for this game? I know some of you are purchasing the game on 360 while others are getting it on the PS3. Perhaps we could do a PS3 bracket and a 360 bracket. I wouldn't mind to put up the points necessary to get a "final" between the 360 winner and PS3 winner so we would know who the ultimate LCVG champion is.


If you're interested just post here and make sure to note which system you purchased the game for.



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Nope it hasn't happened (yet!). I think if we wanted to have any decently sized tournament we might have to bring in other people as the LCVG excitement around this game isn't that great.


I'll try to pull something together in the coming weeks.

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