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Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix


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I didn't see a dedicated thread for the game, so I thought I'd start one. After it taking more than an hour and a half to download last night, I finally got a chance to fire it up on the ps3. The game looks pretty damn good actually, and I like the idea of a widescreen mode for the levels. I'll have to compare though, because I'd swear that the new sprites are a lot taller than in regular SF2. I'll also have to get used to the new moves etc, since I put most of my time in on the original SF2 and Champion Edition back when they first came out, so I actually don't really know how the super combos work. Still managed to win some matches online though-it seems to work pretty well, and it appears to drop frames instead of slowing anything down.


One thing that was kind of strange though-when you start an online match (I just picked QuickMatch), it looks like it just keeps rematching with the same person over and over again. Is there any way to break out gracefully? I like being able to get a few fights in, but after 8 or 9 I was ready to quit. Ended up just turning off the system between games, since there didn't seem to be an option to leave.


It's also a lot harder to pull off moves with a playstation pad than I remember. It seems better than the 360 one, but I guess I've gotten spoiled by the controls on my mame cabinet (real arcade sticks are awesome).

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I figured it out, the character sprites size in relation to the backgrounds just seems off to me.




The game's widescreen mode is merely a zoom, so this is why your fighters look bigger than they did in the original. If you play the game in the 4:3 mode, the proportions should be the same as the original.

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Played Arcade mode through on Medium. As usual the computer kicked my ass a lot, I needed about 20 continues. Especially Vega.


Seems pretty good so far. At first the Hori stick was giving me some trouble with the diagonals (the worst part of the stick) but I got adjusted after a little while.


sorry for by stupidity here dave....but did you pick it up on PS3 or Xbox 360?



Cause if you have it....i have to get it too! LOL :)

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OverClocked ReMix just e-mailed their members asking them to help spread the word, so why not:


This game features the first-ever fan-created soundtrack (it's all remixes put together by the ocremix.org community) :) Apparently Capcom wasn't big on the idea of the soundtrack being made available for free at ocremix.org, but they insisted (since the whole point of the site is free remixes), so if you're enjoying it you can go download it free (legally :)).


Kudos to Capcom for the great idea. I hope this is only the beginning (I think I'd dig Super Metroid with the ocremix soundtrack).

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Looks like SSFIITHD Remix is well on its way to becoming the best selling digital title of all time. Not really surprising, but considering the title had so much trouble in development and was almost canceled it's good to see so much success.


Now I just hope this leads to Capcom putting more of their arcade fighters on XBL and PSN (3s anyone???)

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