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Wanted BR

Dave C

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Absolutely loved it!!! :rock Especially the over the top CG visuals and physical effects. I found it to be a mixture of some of my favorite films. I'd say a cross between Fight Club, Matrix, and Equilibrium.


The LFE in some of the scenes were very deep. Great audio and video all around. This BR is a keeper. Oh, and Elfman's score isn't too shabby either.


For those who have read the comic and/or graphic novel, how faithful was the film to Millar's source? Another trade to add to the stack. :)

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It's different from the Graphic novel in that

In the comic he joins a supervillian group, who has killed all the heroes in the world. His father was one of them. He fights a group of villians who is trying to change what the group is doing. He is still considered a supervillian at the end of the novel



I saw the movie in theater, and loved every second of it. Have the BR sitting here, and will watch this weekend.

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I didn't like it all, by the point in the movie where he first mets up with Fox in the pharmacy I had the little "hook" ending figured out. You could guess every major plot point before it happened, completely unoriginal, movie blew most of it's wad in the previews and commercials. I labeled it a standard, cookie-cutter action flick and wrote that $25 off as a loss.

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