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Highlander thoughts


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Ok, had a Highlander itch this weekend.

Got them all out of my system.

First things first...

And this should be broadcast over military emergency channels....




Battlefield Earth and Blair Witch 2 together are better movies to watch than this crap insult of a Highlander movie.

I honestly have nothing else really to say about it other than how utterly horrible the acting, directing, production, FX, music, choreography, plot line and obvious paycheck motivation from the actors, was.

The fact that at the last minute, it was cancelled from a theatrical release down to the Sci Fi channel, is saying something.

When it's own creators pulled it from exposing the public anymore than they had to to make at least some of their money back, you know it's bad.


Ok, moving on.


The tv series of Highlander is it's own animal, and I loved all kick ass six seasons of it!!!! "Nuff said :)


But I will be glossing over the films today.


The 1st one is the best of them all.

Yeah, it's got some 80's cheesiness, and Clancy Brown is seriously over the top and campy, but I guess that's part of the charm.

And for some reason, a French guy with a bad English accent trying to come across as being from Scotland, is strangely ok with me. LOL

( Hey, some fool even cast Christopher Lambert as an Asian Lightning God in some OTHER movie so this isn't THAT bad, but that's another story later! )

The sword fighting was moderately acceptable as being realistic.

Sean Connery of course, with his slurred S's is fun to watch.

And Queen helming the main theme.... brilliant!


The newest cut of the 2nd one is moderately acceptable viewing on it's own if it wasn't supposed to be a Highlander film.

A little far out of the way from what was established in the 1st movie as what Highlander is supposed to feel and look like.

But hey, can't stop a franchise right?

Ask Sean Connery's wallet.

He clearly only accepted the role in this film because his mortgage was due.

There's absolutely no fire in his eyes for this role.


The 3rd one?

Well, it IS enjoyable for me, but it isn't really anything more than a cheaply made remake of the 1st one.

French accent guy reprising his role as French accent guy.

Mako shows up in the beginning of the film as, well.... Mako.

He doesn't act I swear.

He just shows up, and reads lines as himself.

He's just happy that he gets to wear fun clothes for a few weeks at a time and someone grooms him very early in the mornings.

Mario Van Peebles JUMPS into his role as the 'over actor who doesn't have a clue about Highlander' guy.

( He was horrible in this film. He's usually not a bad actor. )

But Deborah Unger doesn't fail to raise a "oh I'd SO hit that!!!!" no matter what she's in! :)


The 4th film....Highlander Endgame.

The inevitable crossover torch handing over from the film to the series cast and story line.

Truth is, I like it.


I would put it up as really, the only sequel that even makes any sense past the 1st film.

Storyline, and quality.

The fight scenes had some very cool martial arts sequences, c/o co-star Donnie Yen.

Adrian Paul is an excellent martial artist and swordsman on his own as well.

Again, there's some shallow cheesy parts in it, but as with the 1st, all part of the campy charm.

I thought it did very well on all other fronts.


EXCEPT.... Bruce Payne.

OMFG he is just about as horrible as I've ever seen.

Overacting doesn't begin to describe it.

I thought maybe the director was the problem.

Have you seen him in Dungeons and Dragons???

Come to think of it, that movie is in the running behind Highlander The Source as one of the worst pieces of celluloid swill put out there.

The casting director must've been high or something when they chose Mr. Payne.

And somehow they convinced the director as well.

I dunno, maybe just deadlines and money issues made the director choke one down in hiring this guy.


Other than that though, the movie IS very enjoyable and carries on the next step in Highlander as well as anyone has done so far.


I guess what's next on the horizon is the remake of the 1st film coming soon from one of the original executive producers and writer of the 1st film.

The miserable failure that is The Source probably sent that very message to the owners of the franchise.


I hope it doesn't let me down.

I want to believe.


Wait, that was something else.....

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The anime movie is actually pretty decent. I believe the title is Highlander: Vengenance. And it's exactly what you expect in a revenge movie.


I liked the first movie, didn't mind either cut of the 2nd (surprise, I know), found the 3rd to be a fun remake of the first and didn't care much for the tv series (except for a few episodes).


The remake might be interesting depending on how they choose to approach it.

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I love the first one....then years later they released the uncut, full length version of the first one and it was even more awesome then the first theatrical run.


Second one, it's a mess. Hate it. Makes no sense to me at all.


Then came the third one. Well not great, it is good for a snowy action adventure 2 hour afternoon! :)


The last one I seen was endgame. Never watched the tv show, so this was lost on me. Since the ending shows something that i'm not a big fan of.....the series ended here for me.

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Show it to an adult Highlander virgin today and he'll walk out.


Then he is not worthy for "The gathering" nor do we have to worry about him competing for the "Prize". :P


Seriously this movie is an 80's action cult classic. Granted show this to a 18 to 24 year old adult and they wont get it. Cause it doesn't follow the now infamous MTV formula. Sad really. That's why the Horror genre is basic sh*t today!

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Then he is not worthy for "The gathering" nor do we have to worry about him competing for the "Prize". :P


Seriously this movie is an 80's action cult classic. Granted show this to a 18 to 24 year old adult and they wont get it. Cause it doesn't follow the now infamous MTV formula. Sad really. That's why the Horror genre is basic sh*t today!




You're right though.

If it's not fast paced enough and doesn't have a quick Michael Bay edit every 10 seconds, it's not interesting enough.



But it's not the kids faults really, it's societies' "bigger better badder louder faster stronger" mentality that pushed things the way they are.

So sometimes it's hard for people who came up with that as the norm, to really grasp anything other than that.

Granted, the same thing was for those of us of the age when the first Highlander came out, and Star Wars, etc.

But there's a point where things got REALLY outta hand with filmmakers always having to outdo themselves.

This is where we're at now.


I will take my refuge in the more quintessentially European flavor that is Highlander thank you! :)


Yes, I said quintessentially! lol

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My most recent experience with Highlander was the absolute travesty of a DVD. I bought it. Watched it for 3 minutes. Shut it off. And I think I probably threw it a way. There are tons of DVDs out there, right? I bet that the original Highlander DVD is, amongst all those many DVDs, the worst DVD for visual quality ever. The VHS was definitely better quality. Heck, a YouTube encoding of a VHS version is better than the DVD quality.

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Are you talking about the newest release of it ?

The Immortal Edition?

Or are you talking about the old crappy LD transfer non anamorphic DVD?


The Immortal edition, while not the best quality movie originally, is spectacular for what it is.

I'm surprised to hear that if it's that version.

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