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November NPD's are in- Wii hits 2 million


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I'll post more numbers as I see them


Wii 2.04M

DS 1.57M

Xbox 360 836k

PSP 421k

Playstation 3 378k

Playstation 2 206k


GEARS OF WAR 2* 1.56 million

CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR* (360) 1.41 million











(*includes CE, GOTY editions, bundles, etc. but not those bundled with hardware)

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Is it surprising or not that Fallout 3 is already out of the top ten there? I'm not familiar with the series and its popularity but would have thought that with so many new 360's sold, and the game's excellent reviews, new adopters would have been picking it up.


It'd be fun to know the attach rate for Gears 2 against each new Xbox sold.

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Saw this on Edge, still looking for LBP numbers for you Dan


Fable II, launched in October, sold 184K, bringing life-to-date sales to 974K units in the U.S., according to NPD and Microsoft internal data.


Microsoft said Xbox 360's software attach rate stands at 8.1 games per console.

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Trying to find (or shall i say waiting for its to pop up on my RSS Feeds :-) ) the full sony press release but this part was on NeoGaf


Fueled by an unmatched holiday line-up of blockbuster first and third-party titles, more that 3,552,456 software units were sold for PS3 in November, representing a year-to-date growth of 150%.


Um that means Gears 2, COD:WAW and L4D on 360 sold more total then all of the PS3 games for the month.

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Sony is laying off 8,000 people, and is looking for $1.1 billion in cost cutting measures. I am not sure lowering the price of the PS3 is possible right now.

I don't disagree that times are tough but then they get to deal with these holiday numbers which are not encouraging at all. The PS3 is no longer the cheapest Blu-Ray player around so that selling point makes it even more difficult to move such an expensive device. Also, I don't think Sony can really afford to allow the PS3 to enter single digit marketshare either in this extremely competitive environment...

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I said to Romier just the other night in conversation that I've actually seen no PS3 advertising here at all recently. I thought I was watching a new PS3 spot on television earlier this week but it turned out to be for the PSP. I've only just begun seeing the odd Little Big Planet spot.


Meanwhile Microsoft have really been plugging away shouting about the new 360 pricing here. There are even commercials for multi platform titles like Tomb Raider and Quantum of Solace that are pictured with the 360 at the end, never mentioning the PS3 versions on screen or in the voice over. From Nintendo's corner I see a never ending barrage of TV spots for Animal Corssing, Wii Music and Mario Kart. It's like Sony can't even be bothered to try... A stark contrast to last year when the fate of a format hung on the PS3s success and they really put some effort into advertising.

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Wowzers. Nintendo is going to have a very merry Christmas again this year. We all knew the Wii numbers were going to be big this month, but the DS and software numbers are really just as impressive.


I'd be very curious to see how Rock Band and Guitar Hero are selling across all their various SKUs. It appears that they aren't all flying off the shelf as would be expected, but I'd like to see just good/bad they're all doing. In my limited experience it appears that the Rock Band 1 bundles are still selling quite well as people are jumping into their full band experience at a reduced cost. I'll also be interested to see how RB2 does for Wii and PS2 as they appear to be much improved this year (For Wii especially).

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