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Apple iPhone 3G 8GB (Refurb) $149

Anthony G

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Assuming you don't want to store any music, is 8GB sufficient storage for a good deal of apps?


Absolutely. Most apps in the store are insanely small files. The majority of apps I have are under 1MB, and most games are under 10MB. The exceptions were any of the Tap Tap games which rely heavily on music at around 50MB and my largest app was The Price is Right at 85MB (has a lot of FMV).


You could also have virtually unlimited number of apps in your iTunes and just shuffle them in out and out of your iPhone via synching, just like you would music and movies.


Are there any differences between the 8GB and 16GB besides storage that warrant the $100 price difference?


The 16GB is also available in white. That's it.

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