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Intel iMac HELP!


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Well, I updated the firmware in my MyBook external HD and then I couldn't boot back into OSX. MyBook is disconnected, doesn't matter. Then I managed to get into the startup utility from the DVDs that came with the computer and began an archive & install; when the power went out. Now I'm getting a Kernel Panic, can't find ANY combination of keyboard commands to work, it always just throws a KP. I can't find any solutions on Apples Knowledge Base and am extremely frustrated.


Anyone have any ideas? I'm seriously thinking of just buying a PC laptop so I can use it for digital photography since this thing seems to have completely shat out on me.


Please, please help... this seriously sucks. The Mac is out of warranty too.

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Well they charged $50 for phone support, transferred me to an iMac "Professional" and told me to hold C while booting; which I had already read both online and in my user manual. That didn't work, they said nothing can be done short of taking it to a service center. They then refunded the $50. Ontop of that both of the reps came across as rude... fuck this. Guess I'll be going back to the PC camp.

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$50?? jeez


Yep; which I apparently "paid" (it was refunded, as I said) for some "specialist" to tell me to hold down C to boot to the DVD. When that didn't work I was told I'll have to take it to a Apple Service Center; which to me translates to paying out my ass to repair a 3 year old computer.

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