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New Game Disc Defect?

Sam P

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Whenever I open the package of a new game, I always inspect the disc out of habit.


The new GTA3 Xbox disc I got yesterday looks funny.


In the center of the disc, where the Xbox hologram is, I noticed a strange, scratch-like line that moves non-uniformly around part of the hologram. Upon further inspection, it almost looks like a crack because I can see the same line on the other side of the Hologram. When I touch the surface with the tip of my finger, I can't feel any roughness or any suggestion of an edge. I don't know if it's a crack that's lying underneath the hologram, however.


There is nothing strange to report around the clear parts of the center ring, though, i.e. where the hole is.


Has anyone purchased a new disc that was like this? Perhaps it was damaged during shipping. Or maybe it was during manufacturing. Who knows.


The game works, but it did freeze on me a couple of times. Don't know if its related.


Also, I'm concerned it might fall apart on me 3 weeks from now.


Any comments/insight?

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It's hard to offer any advice based on your description, the fact that you can't feel any edge makes it sound like a scratch. Can you see the line on the other side if the disc isn't backlit, I ask because a lot of optical media (including the aluminum reflective surface) is very thin, even translucent.


Even so, my gut reaction is to return it because cracks don't get smaller, especially on a dics designed to be spun at X hundred RPM.

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