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Has anyone else gone crazy with after-Xmas deals?


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I haven't bought this many games in a long time.Some really good deals just too good to pass up. I just bought today:


at Game Crazy: (these are all new)

Ace Combat 6 - $9.99

TNA Impact - Free

John Woo's Stranglehold - $9.99

FFour:ROTSS - Free


That's after biting on some Gamefly deals (I've read/heard good things from enough of you here to take a chance on them...


Deadliest Catch:Alaskan Storm - $9.99

GH:Aerosmith - $14.99

Turning Point:Fall Of Liberty - $9.99


That doesn't include getting COD:WoW last week or Dead Space for $26 at the beginning of the shopping madness.I was just wondering if anyone else went on a shopping spree...

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On the contrary, the sum total of my January Sale spending consists of


A nice jumper ?17.99

A pair of trousers ?17.99

Clueless on DVD ?3

Constant Gardener on DVD ?3


Although I did, admittedly, also spend ?250 on finally getting my new PC bits, so that's why. E7300 with 4Gb memory and a 500Gb drive and crummy Intel onboard graphics (but then it isn't for gaming), if you care.

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I bought a bunch of games on Ebay last year, got them for like 5 bucks each but they hit me for like 50 bucks on shipping :( Then another 20 or so lost in exchange, add in CC interest and ow those SNES/N64 titles werent worth it.. esp considering a few of them dont work right :( >.<


This year so far all the gaming specials I've gotten have been:


-empty DVD cases for all the "bonus discs" that never come in cases with preorders/collectors ed games

-Incredible Hulk (30 bucks) 360

-Mass Effect (20 bucks)

-Rogue Galaxy (10 bucks)

-2 8 gig Memory Stick Pro Duos (30 bucks ea!) Sandisk :\


Somewhat disappointing holiday game sales for me so far. But I may hit up "The Source" and see what they have in the five dollar bin. Not holding out much hope though. Local EB got wiped out.


I admit to being tempted by Fracture at 20 bucks for ps3, but resisted the special. I still have a lot of actual GOOD games I want to get from previous years but flat broke right now :(

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