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Castlevania Judgement (wii)


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I bought it like the CV nut I am, but I've only played it about an hour (winning with Simon) a few weeks back. My Wii is on a different TV, and I don't play it much.


I agree it's unforgiving, and that is partially why I haven't touched it since. I will at some point. The art design is over the top, but I like the levels and the CV flavor. I'm not much of a fighting game person, though.

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Much more fun with the gamecube controller than the Wii remote. Yea the art is way over the top, and for a Wii title, well it's one of the best looking Wii games I've ever seen


I tried playing a bit of castle mode, and that lets you unlock character customization accessories for your character, taking Dracula through a few levels got me a bloody pirate hat and some wings. It's not especially hard for most characters (except as dracula)


I like that the levels aren't just Flat boxes you fight in. Granted they don't have the tiering that you see in Dead or Alive but the clockwork tower is great with the falling gear platforms, and the dungeon with it's poisonous muck, floor spikes, and swinging blade is really REALLY interesting for a fighting game. (NOT background elements, actual 3D elements which interact with to harm the player. It's sort of like MK's traps except much more over the top, and more "in the field" than on the edges)


Dracula was a pain to unlock (had to beat story mode with all the other characters at least once) but he's one of the few unlockable characters (in ANY game I've ever played) that's a boss that actually Feels like you're playing a boss. He moves slow as hell, but he packs a wallop, and he's not really gimped like you'd expect, he's full strength, but limited in his mobility which keeps him challenging.


I still haven't finished the game, and can't quite beat story mode with Aeon, but for a fighting game on the Wii this thing is very impressive visually and has a decent set of bonus features and modes. Top notch production values, and the level design is solid (how many fighting games have zombies start attacking in the middle of a match?? :P). Again, I don't recommend using the nunchuck/wiimote at all though.


That said it does fall down in how the enemy AI tends to block heavily and the camera can be a pain.


Just for the sake of seeing the innovation in how they approached the environemntal hazards its worth checking out

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