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Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix


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Just curious if anybody else has picked this up? I picked it up today for $25 (good friends with General Manger at a local Best Buy) and was wondering if anybody might be interested in getting in a game or two this evening?

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I have the PC version (and I still play it), and I can't justify the 50$ pricetag for the Xbox version. If I could get it for 25$ (like you), that'd be a different story. :)


And the IGN review pretty much slammed it. Not that I go by reviews, but things they mentioned the the review don't make me want to switch from the PC to the Xbox version.

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I'll get it if I can find some decent reviews. I played through the first level and, while far from state-of-the art, it was cool enough that it might be fun on Live.


I'd love to hear your impressions.


I haven't played it enough to give you a solid impression, but I will say that sneaking up behind somebody and blowing their head completely off with a shotgun is surprisingly satisfying :twisted:

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