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EGM is dead!!!


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Supposed list of folks who are gone...


Ryan O Donnell

Matt Chandronait

Andrew Pfister

Philip Kollar

Nick Suttner

James Mielke

Shane Bettenhausen

Anthony Gallegos


It absolutely sucks to see so many losing thier jobs regardless of how expected it was etc. I'm not a huge fan of the 1up network in general to be honest, but it's still a sad day when this type of thing happens.


As for EGM, I haven't been a regular reader/fan for a long time but I have some wonderful memories of those mammoth 300+ page releases they did when I was young. I have a lot of good memories in so far as that magazine is concerned.:( I hope these folks land on thier feet.


Just please god don't create another Giant Bomb.:barf

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All podcasts/videocasts are dead. Everyone on that list is from a podcast, news department, and top EGM mag staff. Matt, Ryan, Shane, J, Garnett, etc are all on twitter. Sounds like a few of them may do there own thing in the near future.

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Full list of those laid off from Joystiq:



Adrian Frieg

Amy Mishra

Amy Moran

Andrea Garcia

Andrew Fitch

Andrew "Skip" Pfister

Anthony Gallegos

Cesar Quintero

Christina Rosa

CoyLou Steel

Derek Chinn

Doug Parsons

Eric Ellis

Giancarlo Varanini

Greg Ford

James "Milkman" Mielke

Jason Bertrand

Jason Wilson

Jervilyn Jaramillo

Justin Frechette

Leslie Gelfand

Marci Yamaguchi

Matt Chandronait

May Tong

Meredith Stowe

Michael Donahoe

Monique Convertito

Ndubuisi Madu

Nick Suttner

Norris Boothe

Philip Kollar

Rey Serrano

Robert Bowen

Rosemary Pinkham

Ryan O'Donnell

Ryan Scott

Shane Bettenhausen

Simon Cox

Tammy Ross

Tipler Ubbelohde


Lots of lost talent there, people.

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Having been a regular reader of EGM since an issue somewhere in the 50's, I am going to miss it.


Too bad about the 1Up Show also. They had some funny skits in between some of the more honest discussion of games than you would find at any of the other bigger sites.

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Fucking sucks. These guys, games journalists, were just nameless geeks a few years ago to me. In the last five years they've become personalities, even celebrities in my eyes and ears, people I cared about hearing every week or two, as important to me as Oprah is to some people or Ellen or Bill O'Reilly or whomever. Videogame journalism is so fragile. It is a shame.


It is sad looking back at the Shane, John, Garnett, and Luke 1up Yours years and see it finally has come to a complete close.

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