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Klonoa Remake coming to the states (Wii)

Romier S

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It's not everyday people get a chance to make things right, but Americans are getting one now. The Klonoa: Door to Phantomile remake on the Nintendo Wii will be coming to America.


Joystiq is reporting that the remake of the critically lauded PS1 game will arrive under the somewhat simpler moniker "Klonoa," and will utilize the Wii Remote for grabbing and throwing enemies. But for those who are allergic to motion controls of any kind, there's always the Classic Controller and the GameCube controller to help you guide Klonoa.


No word yet on when it'll actually be hitting stores, but that doesn't matter right now. Let's just bask in the glow of second chances.

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I picked it up on May 1st as it was actually released early. I've played through the first two worlds and it's an absolutely solid and engaging platformer if a little on the easy side. It's also a bit overly cutesy at times and the voice acting, while good, definitely veers towards appealing more to the kids but it hasnt dampened my enjoyment of the game (and I'd highly recommend changing the language over to Klonoa speak as it adds a bit of charm than just hearing english voice overs). The platforming and controls feel extremely responsive and the level design is excellent with enough variety to keep you playing without feeling you're just retreading old ground.


On the control front, the game does not feature any motion controls at all (thank god). You can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo to play. Or you can turn the Wii Remote to its side and use it alone. The game also supports the ability to use the classic controller or even a Gamecube controller or Wavebird.


Visually the game is an amazing improvement over the PSX classic and it's just plain attractive considering the system it's on. The music is also good stuff with some lighthearted tunes that add to the atmosphere without grating on your nerves. For $30 bucks Klonoa is a great, great bargain. If you're looking for a solid platforming experience and one of those rare Wii games that actually appeals to the core gamer, don't hesitate to give it a try.

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