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Help me create "Schoolboy Hero"


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My son's are having an epic good school year so far, so I want to help them keep up the momentum.


I was trying to think of more ways to tie schoolwork in with gaming, other than using playing time as a punishment/reward.


So, I came up with "Schoolboy Hero". The idea will be to create achievements around their schoolwork and assign gamerbucks to each one.


I've already come up with a few, like:


1. Getting a 100 on a major exam - 5 gamerbucks

2. All A's for a 6 weeks - 20 gamerbucks


So now you get the idea. I want the total gamerbucks to add up to about $100, but I need some more creative ones to include, and a few "secret" achievements that they won't know about until they unlock it. Some of the secret achievements can be non-school related like "doing chores without being told".


Your help in coming up with some good ones will be much appreciated.


And, since I know I'm not this smart, I'll bet it's been done before, so if anyone knows of a source where someone has already come up with a good list, let me know.







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I'm sorry, your thread title immediately reminded me of this quote "I desperately want to make love to a school boy". If you guess the movie, 1 Game bucks.


-Apply what you learn from school at home (Secret 6 Game Bucks). For example, if you kid uses Algebra to solve some real world problem at home. But you can't tell them about this one or they'll go out of their way to do something and that is too contrived to be rewarded.

-Finish homework before dinner (1/10) 5 game bucks

-Have friend over to study (Secret 5 game bucks)

-Accepted to harvard (200,000 game bucks) :)

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