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Child door motion detector needed


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Hey other parent-folk


I need some sort of device to tell me when my little girl gets up (she just turned 3 last week). Lately she's been getting up, getting the door open, and getting into all sorts of trouble (a jar of black pepper and baking powder all over the floor...etc...today I found she'd upended the catfood dish from downstairs all over the floor.


I'm told you can get a motion sensing type device. I need something that I can put by her door and when she crosses it it sends off a remote alarm.


Closest thing I've found so far is this:




Anyone have any good links?


I'd prefer to do this than to try to stop her getting out of her room. She'd simply pull something over to climb over a babygate and getting childproof handles wouldn't work well (as the door is a little bit warped being 20 years old and tends not to latch very well).

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Not a parent, but what you need is a motion sensor Alarm. Anything moves past it range and of goes off. The one at the store I use to work at had two settings. A nice chime sound to tell us we had customers for daytime use and then for night time we would switch it to alarm mode. A 90db alarm. Check your local hardwood stores

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