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So what is everybody playing?


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I was curious to see what those of us in PC-Land play, or have available for play, online. It would be nice to get a game going once in awhile and I thought this would give us a good idea of who can join in.


So without further ado, I present my list of online-capable PC games (in no specific order):


Freelancer (I have a server set up, but not currently running. If we have enough interest I can put it back up to dedicated status)

Jedi Academy

Battlefield 1942 (Road to Rome/Secret Weapons of WWII)

Tron 2.0

Age of Mythology

Savage Demo

Diablo II (with Lord of Destruction)

Dungeon Siege

Moonbase Commander


Quake II

Quake III (with Team Arena)

RTCW Enemy Territory

Freedom Force

Warcraft III

System Shock II (I hear the MP co-op is a blast)


I typically play as blackcalx. Feel free to IM me if you're up for a game.

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Well, I'll tell you right now, if it's old I'm playing it :P.


Seriously though, here's a list of what I have with online capability too.


Freedom Force

Diablo II (+ expansion)

Monopoly Tycoon

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (+ expansion)

You Don't Know Jack, 5th Dimentia


Day of Defeat (woo! :P)

Neverwinter Nights

Serious Sam 2

Emperor: Battle for Dune

Ground Control


NWN runs a touch sluggish on this beast but I can play it fine. I have no characters left in D2 though, they all got deleted since I haven't been on Battle.net in so long, oops! My icq is in my profile though. I can't promise I have a lot of time since school's busy, but if there's a group thing on the go it'd be neat to hear about!

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Well, Xbox Live is eating up a lot of my online gaming time, but in no particular order are the single player & multiplayer games I'm playing on PC.


Homeworld 2

Tron 2.0


Star Trek : Elite Force 2

Unreal Tournament 2003

Battlefield 1942 + Road to Rome + Secret Weapons of WWII

Warcraft 3 + The Frozone Throne


Call of Duty

Max Payne 2

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For online games, pretty much all I play anymore (for now) is Ghost Recon + Island Thunder + Desert Siege. Very fun games, highly playable over dialup, and only $39.99 for all three :green:. Why let the XBL guys have all the fun with these, I think we should try to get a game going sometime (if anyone else here has them) ;).


I too have Neverwinter Nights, but haven't really been able to find a good online group for it, so that could be fun too. I used to be a Quake II CTF fiend, but I haven't fired it up in forever, but I'd be willing to give it a shot :).

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Shame nothing came from this, but in case anybody is interested, I just started playing the 1.1 beta for Day of Defeat on Steam and have converted to it. Not sure if anybody is into this still, but I'm listed as Pharmboy for friendings.


Mind you I won't be really online for a little bit because of holidays, but when I get back, full Steam ahead (groan).


Do you pit your hero of choice against another, or can you play coop through various campaigns?


Sorry I hadn't noticed this before :P. You can do both, though the co-op is not super-well implemented. Basically as long as one player has gone through the single player campaign (I think) you can both make heroes and play a specific mission through.


The problem is that you can't level your heroes up or really play through in sequence properly, which is a damn shame. So you have to be cognisant and make sure your heroes are properly balanced to the scenario or it'll be too damn hard or way too easy :P. I might well be up for it in the new year though, as I'd love to bring back my original hero creation: The Lounge Lizard!

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I played EQ for a while until recently and now have begun playing BF1942 and Desert Combat. There is a program called "all seeing eye" where I can plug in names of players I like or a friends list so to speak and when I see them on I can click on their name and join their game.


Anyway look for me as shaneous

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BF 1942 + Road to Rome


Freedom Force


(& after Christmas I'll have Call of Duty)


I also have Alice,... Chris listed this in his online games,... so is this an online game? I've never noticed, and I have no idea how it would play.


I miss my PC gaming though. My sound has been out since I moved in August and after having tried some intial troubleshooting (reinstalling and updating drivers, checking the sound card is firmly in it's slot) I haven't had a whole lot of free time to troubleshoot further. But I'm wasting away without my BF1942 fix, so I must resolve this soon. I figure getting Call of Duty for Christmas will help motivate me too. ;)

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