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3-Pack 6 Feet v1.3 1080p HDMI Cables $9

Anthony G

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A digital signal is either on or off, there's no in-between like with an analog signal.


Granted, build quality is still something to look for, but in no way does that mean spending $100 for a 3 foot Monster cable is a good idea. The cables I've bought from Amazon and Monoprice have all worked fine.

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A digital signal is either on or off, there's no in-between like with an analog signal.


Unfortunately it ain't that simple Buck. These are "raw" digital signals being transmitted and the quality of the cable does make a tremendous difference since the clocking rate is so high. That's not to say monster's cable price is justified at all, in fact audioholics has shown that monoprices cables have beat them! ha ha....


There's many artifacts that result when you start having bit errors in the stream,temporary noise when sync is lost, flashing pink frames, sparkles, corrupted lines... etc, etc. There's an incredible amount of error correction done at the source and receiving ends that you would think you are writing modem code.


ames, just buy the cable from monoprice.com. I have a 30 feet version and have no problems at all. And there is such thing as supporting the FULL HDMI 1.3 specification which would be 3.4Gbit/s BUT NO SILICON or devices support that at all, so unless you want to be future proof for some future products, then you shouldn't care.


Here's some reading:



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