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Video Monitors (For Baby)


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I'm a little interested in getting a video monitor. But they mostly seem to compete in the 2.4ghz spectrum making them function poorly. So I figure, if you can't beat em, join em. So maybe I should get an IP-based monitor. Something that you can view on computers, PSP, Ipod touches, something like that.


Any thoughts? What I'm finding so far is that they are complicated, expensive, and might be a nightmare. Also, a lot of them require a hardwire, which means I'd have to get a bridge.


I don't know. The effort seems more than the payoff. Should probably just get another audio-only one.

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So maybe I should get an IP-based monitor.


I think that's the way to go. I'd like to get more info on webcams I can set up in the nursery and view from any Internet connected device. That way I can view even when I'm traveling.


The TV solutions sold at Baby's R Us are pretty crappy.

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My wife wanted to go the video route as well, so we went for the least painless option... which was the least expensive "single box" option we could find. It was this one from Babies R Us. (We also had a 15% off any single item coupon that we used.)


This was back in August of last year, though...


We haven't any any trouble with it at all-- it has worked just fine from day one and is still going strong. The best part is that the display is an actual B&W CRT... an antique! :) Let me know if you want a more "technial" product review...

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We read a lot of those bad p.q./interference reviews too, but decided that we could always return it if it was too bad... we really haven't had any issues at all.


The p.q. is far from HD (of course), but it is still decently sharp. You can clearly see whether or not the kid is moving (even the slightest mouth or head movements), and this is true even in a completely dark room. I've also noticed how clearly some of the small designs on the sheets, etc. come across. I was actually a little suprised with how well the IR camera works overall. The best part is, in the middle of the night, whenever the wife hears anything from the baby down the hall, all she has to do is hold down the big grey button on top of the monitor (think snooze button), and there he is!


As for interference, the one we went with has 3 channels (so the there's a 3-positon switch on the monitor and a matching one on the camera). When we first got it, I tested all 3... 2 were clear but the third had some interference. So this works with our plan well, as a friend of mine recommended a 3-channel one so when we add a second kid, we can just get an additional camera (hopefully) and put it on the the other clear channel. That way we'll be able to toggle between kids with the same monitor.


As for the negative reviews... my wife and I both noticed a large number of "emotionally charged" negative reviews for basically every baby product out there. It wasn't obvious at first that this is likely a bi-product of all of the stress (think post-partum) that comes with having a baby... it is funny though. In our experience, take any product with a decent number of online reviews, and it's almost a certainty that at least one reviewer will claim that the product nearly killed their baby! :)

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maybe you could hook set up a webcam so that you had it broadcasting through the net, and use a PSP device or other handheld - Iphone? as a monitor. Big thing with that though is making sure you're using a secure connection on there.


Alternatively you might be able to find a USB compatible camera and hook it up directly to a PSP. I think my digital camera could probably be jury rigged to Directly connect to my PSP to act as a webcam/camera monitor.


The quality of the camera is what will define the quality of the end picture, so if you use a crummy cam, that'll definetely impact the quality of video you'll see on any device you get. (poor IR video quality is unavoidable) If they're wireless that'll also negatively impact the quality too.

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