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Superbowl Commercials/Chuck in 3-D


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In case you haven't heard or have forgotten, there will be 2 events during the Superbowl in 3-D:


  • The Trailer for Monsters Vs. Aliens
  • A Sobe Water commercial


Then, on Monday, Chuck will be in 3-D.


You can pick up your free 3-D glasses at the Sobe water and Pepsi displays at your neighborhood grocery store.


I've got mine. It doesn't look like the crappy red/blue 3-D technology will be in use here, but rather a blue/gray of some sort. Hopefully it will be the kind that really makes the image pop out of the screen.





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the website for the technology used in the TV commercials is:



I just watched one of the sample clips using the glasses and the depth is really good. The popping-out-at-you factor is also good when I sat about 12 inches away from my 19 inch monitor. But you will notice a double image when watching without the glasses.




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