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Where to start......???


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Been out of the gaming loop for a while.

Going to be upgrading to PS3 and/or a 360 in the near future, and have NO idea what's out there, game wise on these systems anymore.


I'm coming from still playing on a PS2 , Dreamcast, N64.

So I've not been keeping up with what's been coming out, what IS out, etc.


I can tell you that I DONT have the time for drawn out RPG's anymore ( 17 month old kids will do that to you ).

I'm usually coming from a FPS, fighting game ( WWE, MK, etc ), racing ( Gran Turismo ), or puzzle solving platformer ( tomb raider, etc ) and classic arcade games, background.

Any suggestions on what really good games are out there right now?

I mean, the Gamespot site, and Sony and Xbox sites are ok, but they don't really help me to really get a handle on where to start.


So has the 360 solved the RROD issue?

And which HD version of the PS3 was fully backward compatible to PS1 and 2 games? I think the 40? or the 60?

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I think the 360 would be the best console for you. In my opinion, they have the best variety of the games you are interested in and XBox Live Arcade seems to have more classic arcade game then the PSN. I could be wrong, but I don't believe any of the currently produced PS3s are backward compatible.


Is the RROD issues resolved? The newer consoles are supposed to be better, but I doubt they are 100%.


Some of my favorite games for the 360:


Rock Band

Halo 3

Forza Motorsport

Dead Rising

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I own the PS3, Wii, and original Xbox (along with several handhelds and a smattering of older consoles). I have not invested in the 360 yet. The 360 seems to have the most games, and often gets catered to when additional stuff comes out for games as well.


The current gen. of PS3's are not backwards compatible with PS2. They may be with PSONE games however.


The Wii has a ton of different old school titles to download to.


Not sure if this helps at all.

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My two Cents:


Go 360 elite. Big hard drive and lots of games that you like. Plus for $5.00 a month you can play with your friends or with LCVG game or with your LCVG friends! ;)


I have a Wii and a PS 3 too. The Wii is for when i have four friends over and were all bored then out comes Mario Party etc.


The PS 3 that I have is strictly used as a Blu Ray machine or exclusive PS 3 games that wont be coming to Xbox 360.


Last count my xbox 360 games verse my PS 3 games was 35 to 4.


Go Xbox and join us for some good times. Come summer or the next big multi game, the LCVG nights will be back!!

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Buy both. If that is not an option, the 360 is the console I recommend for people wanting to make the jump to this gen. Wider variety of games and Xbox Live being the main reasons, plus FPS and racing are 2 genres that the 360 have in abundance.


The PS3 is a great console but unless you want a blu ray player to go along with the gaming, it is still trying to catch up to the 360. I will be loving my PS3 when Killzone 2 and MLB come out, but the 360 is the console I mainly game on.


360 games versus PS3 is 31-8, though I have a 60GB so it is more worth it to me for 60 PS1/PS2 games I still have.

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