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Looney Tunes: Back in Action


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I got a chance to see this movie on Saturday as part of a sneak-preview audience.


I'm fearful that this movie is coming in under the radar of some LCVG'ers, as it was for me, and it would be a tragedy to miss this on the big screen. I'm not much on writing reviews, but here goes:


This movie is the funniest I have seen in years! From the opening scene with Daffy and Bugs arguing over whether it is duck season or rabbit season, to Porky's attempt at his famous closing line, the movie is a tribute to everything you love about the animated cartoon classics, with enough of a hip edge to spoof itself mercilessly.


The movie begins with Daffy Duck's layoff from motion picture acting, and the firing of an aspiring stuntman (Brendan Fraser) working as a security guard. Together, he, Bugs, and an executive from Warner Bros (Jenna Elfman) set out to return Daffy to his rightful place on the big screen, but soon fumble their way into a plot of "secret agent" intrigue.


Steve Martin reaches back to his early, herky-jerky standup comedy days to find inspiration for his hilarious portrayal of the mad CEO of the ACME corporation, who has hatched a diabolical plot to enslave all inhabitants of planet earth, with the full complement of cartoon "bad guys" under his direction.


But what makes this movie so brilliant are the many "homages" to the classic looney tune cartoons. Everyone from the sheep-watching dog, to Michigan J. Frog, to Pepe Le Pew, is depicted doing exactly what you would expect, totally in keeping with their long-standing cartoon legacy, but often with just enough of a contemporary edge to make them seem new and fresh.


There are also references to many, MANY other hollywood movies, including a shot-for-shot spoof of the "Psycho" shower scene that alone is worth the ticket price.


The movie also has some hilarious spoof-ridden social commentary. Embedded into the contrived and cliched plot (which, let's face it, exists only to convey the hilarious quips and spoofs) are Porky's musings on political correctness, the debate over the effects of cartoon violence on kids, and the business-drivers behind product placement. Cameo's abound, with Jeff Gordon, Michael Jordan, and many others checking in for brief but well-timed appearances.


Fans of Looney Tune Cartoons will have a fantastic time with this movie. The jokes are delivered with a rapid-fire, laughing-so-hard-you'll-miss-the-next-gag pace that will merit a second viewing just to be sure you caught it all.


The movie opens nationwide this Friday, 11/14. Plan on seeing it as soon as you can!



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Yes, the previews definitely do not do justice to this movie. In fact, if you were going by the trailers alone, you would think they've got a turkey on their hands. But I assure you that is not the case, IMO anyway.


Oh, and you might want to stay through the credits. They throw in an extra scene that isn't much, but worth hanging around anyway.



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