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Terminator Salvation Discussion (oh and Bale loses his temper on set)

Chris The Rock

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I've heard a few actors/actresses talk about this today on tv. Seems this happens a lot on movie sets. Some people get really into there roles, and towards the end of a scene someone will do something like walk where they shouldn't and throw everyone off. If it's the end of a long day people snap. The person he was yelling at was director of lighting, and shouldn't be moving anywhere during filming. Seems he had done it before as well. I think it should have stopped after the guy said he was sorry, but it does happen on movie sets.

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Yeah he's clearly a dick in this clip. There's no excuse for treating someone like that, no matter how tired or stressed you are. You think that DP wasn't just as tired, Christian?


Oh, and the remixes and mashups are already popping up:



Love the remix... he does almost sound like he's singing once in a while :rock

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BUT IT IS A BIG DEAL!!!! The world revolves around Chris Bale, just ask Romier

The need to mention my name in that comment was? I haven't even been involved in the conversation past my initial comments in the upcoming films thread. If it's a joke, I don't get it.

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Dude, put the pink panties back in the box.:)


:( But you said you'd try them on for me! :(




I would have personally found it funny if the DP would have turned around in the middle of Bale's rant and said "Wanna know how I got these scars?":lol:lol


Oh now that one's priceless!! LOL :lmfao

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