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Good Hosting Service?


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I haven't had my own website for a few years and I'm kinda out of the loop... what is a good / cheap hosting service nowadays? Not looking for dedicated servers ... just a decent amount of bandwidth and possibly some pre-installed script options (I love those), databases, PERL, etc...


I usually register with Godaddy.com for urls and I see now they offer webhosting but it is mentioned that installing Google ads (which I like for gas money) has a cost and they take 40% of your revenue. pffft.


I prefer to redirect to wherever I want than get stuck in that racket! :)


Thanks! :)


For anybody interested it's going to be http://www.eatupaustin.com or http://www.eataustinup.com (haven't decided which... so I got both) with some comprehensive food reviews. I'm in the industry (abiet hotels) so I am constantly eating out and no one in real life will listen to my opinions.

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I use 1&1 but I don't know how they compare. Godaddy's prices look better and I've heard good things but I haven't tried anything else. I'd be interested in moving to another hosting service but I don't know how to transfer my domains. I guess transferring the actual content would be no problem

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Pointing domains is really easy when you go to any new hosting service. Each one gives you instructions of which stuff to change at your Domain host (godaddy for example). Reason I am thinking of going to square space is there site creation tools are like no other. After playing around with the site , I like how much more freedom I have creating a site. Plus I can transfer all my blog posters from typepad, without worrying about loosing all that stuff

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