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Right, PC games, then.


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Thanks to a combination of all sorts of stuff, I've gone from my ancient rustbucket to a 4Gb E7300 with an ATI HD4670, so joining the modern era at last.


But all my PC games at the moment are just looking like their ancient, ugly selves but running smoothly at my LCD's 1680x1050 resolution. Which is quite nice in its own way, but hardly the point.


Given that I'm broke, however, I don't want to go spending money (well, obviously). So what should I be getting free from the Internet to see what this thing can do?


Morrowind is ready to be patched up with umpty-thrumpty graphics amendments, but as I've not finished Oblivion on the 360 (I just recently got back into it from the start, so that'll be a while, too).


Rome: Total War finally runs nicely too, should I ever figure out what I'm doing. I've just remembered since starting this that I've got the PC version of Halo 2 lying around somewhere, as well, and having finished 3 on the 360 last night that could be an option.


But really - any free shiny suggestions would be much appreciated.

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GameTap has a fair selection of pretty recent PC titles and several are free each week. Theres also the demos - I'd say go for demos of newer titles like FEAR2 or whatever looks interesting to you. Other freebies would be most of the MMO's: If there's one that looks interesting to you, try them out. Almost all MMO's have a free client download and free trial period (10-14 days usually). Oh - and maybe check on some friend's/LCVG'ers Steam gifts. I'd bet someone still has some spare gift titles from an Orange Box purchase and such...


Have fun :)

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