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Saturday Morning TV


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I miss my Saturday Morning Cartoons! :( I managed to watch them until I was 23. Saturday Mornings were the best in College cause my roommates would all be asleep from the night of partying before and I basically had the whole run of the apartment until noon (when they would wake up and/or their companion for the night would go home! :) ).


Just me and my PJ's and a bowl of Count Chocula or Fruit Loops etc. and my shows. Best time in my life. I miss it! :(


My favourites where...


Transformers, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, The Smurfs,The Real Ghostbusters,C.O.P.S., Pound Puppies, Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers, Challenge of the GO-BOTS,Voltron, Astro-boy, Care Bears, Spiderman and his amazing friends, Gummi Bears, HE-MAN: Masters of the Universe, Captain N: The game master, SHE-RA Princess of the Power, THUNDERCATS!,The Batman,TMNT, Pac-man, Pitfall Harry, Super Mario Bros 3., M.A.S.K., GI JOE, Centurions.....hell they were all my favourites!! :D


Cartoon 80's overload part one:



Cartoons 80's overload part two:



Cartoon 80's overload part three:



Cartoon 80's overload part four:



Cartoon 80's overload part five:



Cartoon 80's overload part six:



Cartoon 80's overload part seven (final):


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Bringing this thread back, because if you are not , watch the new Spectacular Spider-man on Disney XD. It really is fantastic. Season 1 on amazon is $19.99. This one I got caught because of my friends 5 year old son. He always borrows my dvds, so one day he brought me a dvd of a few of the episodes for me to watch, since he always watches my stuff. I was hooked. It's really good

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yea the new spiderman series is pretty good

Iron Man Armored Adventures is alright as well (looks great, odd take on Iron Man but enjoyable enough)


there's a new marvel super hero show called Super Hero Squad, but the characters are all super deformed, and the storyline is about "infinity fractals" it's a weird almost comedy super hero show. Art is good, voice acting is good, but I dunno, it's a bit too goofy


Batman Brave and the Bold is pretty good but you need to enjoy retro 50s style Batman to really appreciate it - it's not TAS but its fun in that it's got some interesting characters turning up (Sherlock Holmes vs Gentleman Ghost in one ep - yea..)


Secret Saturdays is kinda retro 60s cartoon feel/look, but its alright


But as far as new-ish cartoons, that's all that's new that I've really enjoyed lately


I watched most of the cartoons capt did as well, but also Sonic Sat Am (The Good one - though I didn't detest the newer one's first 2 seasons)


Speaking of which, GI Joe, Transformers, GI Joe Resoloute - continuing the original GI Joe series (out today), and Sonic Sat Am are all out on DVD now

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