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Street Fighter IV Tournament (360)


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Post if you would like to be included, and I will add you to the list. We will do a double elimination format so people get more then one match in.


People already in

Romier (FutureVoid)

Joey (CaptDS9E)

Anthony (Quicksand)

Angel (TheEvilEmpire)

Paul (FracturedZero)

Brandon (BdoUK)

Kyle (Kkyle)

Graeme (TheDrunkOldMan)

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Just picked up the game and found a fightpad as well... Might as well give it a try... i'm sure I'm a bit rusty (haven't played in probably a decade)... I'll get as much practice time in as I can...


I'm getting high-school-era arcade flashbacks... :) :)

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Just found out my Dad's staying with me on the the 3rd and 4th...


My wife would kill me if I left her to entertain him, while I played games... so i might have to drop out if we play on the 4th... If that's the case, no prob... I'll catch the next one.

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