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The Hunter (free PC game coming soon)


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Video page. If you haven't seen the game already, definitely give it a look (it's super pretty!).


I don't think it's completely open yet, but they are slowly rolling out invites to people registered at the site. So I just tried it...


After a 2 hour hunt (which ended with only two spottings and a single kill right at the end) I immediately paid $25 for a 6 month premium membership. I don't even know what that means (since the game is "free"), I just liked it that much :) It's incredibly slow-paced, but immersive as hell, and I have a soft spot for anything that sucks me in really well. It's not just the graphics, but the way the game actually works, the feeling of movement... it's all solid. The sound is alright, too. And the forest has a wonderfully realistic feel to it. Really sucked me in and made me feel like I was in a real place, with realistically-elusive deer about (not that I'd really know). The pacing makes it so that when you do finally track a deer down it's pretty exciting and tense.


You sure as hell need oodles of patience if you're going to try it, but I'd recommend taking a look just for the graphics sometime. I'd kill for something like Oblivion with forests that nice. Heck, if they just add a bow and arrow to the game sometime I'll be in heaven...

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