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Fallout 3 future imperfect?

Romier S

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Report posted at Gamespot:


Fallout 3 problems





Black Isle Studios will be losing one of its best and brightest on November 21, when J.E. Sawyer will leave the studio. Sawyer had been a driving force behind the Icewind Dale series, and had recently taken over as lead designer of Van Buren, Black Isle's code name for Fallout 3. Sawyer announced the departure on the Black Isle forums, saying "I apologize to those who may be disappointed by my decision and congratulate those who rejoice at it." As to the reasons for his leaving, Sawyer gave this cryptic answer: "I will not discuss those reasons here, but I will state that they are my reasons."


Unfortunate news. Fallout 3 is just a dream game for me right now (being a fan of Fallout 1 and 2 and of Black Isles previous worK) as I've really moved away from the RPG genre over the last year or so. I've been looking for a game to really pull me back in and only one thus far has fit the bill (KOTOR). I'm hoping development continues on F3 and I pray to god its good.

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Weep for it :cry:








I need to go hug my pillow and cry right now.


Nice article over at Gamespot:




Role-playing gamers hurt by Interplay's closure of Black Isle Studios had some salt rubbed in their wounds over the weekend, when several screenshots from Fallout 3 surfaced on the No Mutants Allowed fan site. The images were apparently taken from a FO3 demo BIS developers had made to show Interplay executives, and feature graphics from the game's new isometric 3D engine. They were later commented on by an anonymous FO3 developer, who provided insights into the now-cancelled title.


The first image shows one of the underground vaults made famous in Fallout and Fallout 2. According to the developer, the shot "looks like a pre-prototype one as it's missing the lighting that gets burned in after being laid out." Despite its rough appearance, the shot does show that FO3 had the same detailed environments as its predecessors. "There was lots of cool little stuff going on in this level; characters walked around and interacted w/ stuff, there were all kinds of cool computer noises, the doors opened w/ the old Fallout sound (we used lots of old sounds for our prototype to help keep the feel), there were some cool effects from a broken generator and a floating eye bot."

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