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Steve Jobs - Illness and possible future of Apple


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ok well, we don't really know if he is dying or not. But there is information about that he has not communicated with anyone for weeks. This is completely out of character for him. I did some research on hormonal imbalances and probable causes which take 9 months to heal. The most likely answer is a resurgence of his pancreatic cancer. The man, the myth, the legend... Steve Jobs is quite possibly going to die. What happens to Apple? Well so far the stock has dropped 4% today on this news. I think however that the near term prospects for Apple are quite good, the long term... not so good. People like Steve tend to put people in power that they can control and rarely give them the tools to do his job in his place. Cause if they could do his job, then he is not above fear of them. Anyway, discuss..... :)

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