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Well, I just got home from work to start my "vacation". Next Wednesday I go under the knife at Robert Wood Johnson to repair two herniated discs in my neck. The discs have been pressing on a nerve which causes rather extreme, chronic pain. They plan on "pushing" the herniated discs back and then fusing them. I have never had surgery in my life and will be a new, and hopefully only, experience in my life. Wish me luck as this has been a hindrance in my life for some time.

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Good luck!


Word of advice regarding herniation - herniated areas are prone to excaberation when they're healing after surgery - when the doctor tells you to take it easy after you get out of the hospital, follow his instructions carefully.


I strongly recommend you take it easy after the surgery to make sure it heals properly. Don't be overly gentle with it, but you definetely don't wanna be going to rock concerts and headbanging after or carrying jugs of water on your head :P Being cavalier about the healing because you feel better can put you at serious risk for reinjury (and hernias get harder to fix the more often they're injured - trust me I've got experience with someone who overdid it during their healing period and regrets it now :( )

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Good luck. I'd be scared too.


You might want to ask, while you're under, if they can enlarge some of your undersized extremities. Make the surgery worth it. For you. And your mailman.


Duh on the undersized extremities Keith. Did you notice the name of the hospital? Not only does it have "wood" it also has "Johnson"


Good luck Anfernee. You will no longer be a pain in the neck(that is a kneeslapper right there)

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