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Blackberry Storm Data Plans


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Buy One Get One Free Promotion Right now.. But I cannot make heads or t tails of the data plans. There is something called "Unlimited Data Usage" that says its .25 cents a minutes. WHOA?!! What the hell does that mean.


And I don't understand how email works. They have all these email features that cost. But I'd just use google mail. So how does that affect me? Do they have some crazy awesome email app, and so long as I don't use that, I don't have to pay the extra money they're looking for?


And text messages. Who needs text messages if I can just send emails. Are there any gottas I should be worrying about. I just want a smart phone that I can access google apps with. But I'm not going to pay more than $50 a month. Thoughts? Advice?

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I was pricing plans for different phones and the Storm was one of them, the verizon site with the Blackberry plans was so confusing I ended up giving up on it. I saw a plan that had unlimited data for $99 somewhere in there but I didn't know if that included any minutes or not, I don't really need a Blackberry but I just liked the Storm. In the end I decided to re-up my contract with Helio and a take an upgrade to the Ocean 2.

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I wasn't even really looking for a phone awhile ago, but was wondering about different data plans and whatnot after the uproar here in Canada with the iPhone pricing plans.


I was seriously confused too. The biggest problem seems to be that not all data is equal like say with an internet connection. Plans for Blackberrys were different than non BB phones. You got less data for the same price with a BB and the justification I got was that BB was more efficient with it's data so you were really getting the same amount of usage with it... of course this was back when it was pretty much all just e-mail.


Now you've got plans which give you unlimited e-mailing through certain domains, unlimited browsing through the built in browser, and unlimited IMing with MSN or AIM, but if you use other types of services that use data, that's not included.... but they don't like to make that all too clear. They just advertise UNLIMITED E-MAIL and BROWSING, and you're left to wonder what that means exactly.


And of course if you ask someone, you're not going to get a straight answer, or you're likely to get a wrong answer.


Plus I've heard reports that with some carriers here, people have never been charged anything extra on those plans even though they have been using data that wouldn't fall under the "browsing" category.


I dunno how it is for you guys down south, but there's a reason I haven't jumped into the smartphone market yet.

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Currently I pay $65 a month and get 500 minutes and unlimited everything else, no limit on data, texts, pic messages, email, etc. I wanted to price compare with AT&T for an Iphone, T-mobile for a G1, and Verizon for a BB Storm. I found comparable pricing for the Iphone and G1 but there was always some hook, texts not included in data plans, no picture messaging, etc.

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