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How does DLC work on the PSP?

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Recently purchased the Prinny addon level but can't seem to get it to work. Not sure how it's supposed to be activated.


Transferred the DLC to my PSP as the system instructed, but the UMD seems to not be recognized as compatible when I try activating the addon from the memory card? "no compatible software found"



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Nothing in game currently shows up relating to the new content, so i'm confused if I've installed it properly.


I've been checking the web and not much out there regarding my problem. I did note a comment on gamefaqs about having problems with DLC if the UMD wasn't present, but never when it actually Was present


Ahh.. Apparently according to a post on gamespot, the content needs to be downloaded, and then a specific item needs to be present in your save file to even access the DLC >.<


I really hate not being able to check on the status of DLC because of something like that >.<

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The DLC content isnt available immediately.


So even if you download it, you cant play it till you meet certain ingame criteria (and can't tell if the content is even installed properly because of that)


I've barely started the game, and I won't be able to access the DLC till I clear level 7 And obtain a specific item in level 7. The game itself doesn't even tell me there's DLC on the system (most other DLC I've got at least indicate its properly installed on the main menu even if you haven't completed the game - this one, and Disgaea 3 don't). I guess they assume people will only get DLC if they finish the game first :P


Whereas with the DLC for say, Burnout Paradise, you can just shove the game in, and see "oh the DLC is installed" from the main menu.

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