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I got the opportunity to catch this fine film yesterday. It's a very well done film, only wish I could of viewed the 3d version. Having left the the theater I was reminded of a certain Tim Schaeffer game called Psychonauts. The premise of the moive is about this little girl named to Coraline she and her family move in to this new rental house. Shes ignored constantly by her family and longs for a better life. Than she finds a doorway in the house that leads to the exact same world on the the other side but everything is perfect.


The neighbors are all very strange and you enter door ways to visit them in the alt world. There was a circus themed room, and a theater staged room.


The above is what started reminding me of the game but more so the characters themselves as well as the art style and how Coraline traveled from place to place in the alt world via door ways.



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I loved Coraline (saw it first in 2D, then again in 3D...man I wish we could get the 3D on bluray with a pair of glasses...it worked so well. Will be seeing Monsters vs Aliens in 3D for sure!) and have been meaning to grab a copy of psychonauts. I'll chime back in with my thoughts if I too see a correlation.

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I saw Coraline in 3D yesterday. I thought it was a fantastic film, and the 3D was stunning. I cannot overstate how wonderful the 3D is done in this movie. And if anyone's concerned, the 3D is not a gimmick or forced, it's feels proper and it enhances an already impressive film. Oh, and it doesn't detract from the quality of the film, the colors were proper and vibrant, and the image was sharp. 3D has come a long way since we were young.


This film had me pining for a video game using this 3D technology, it would be an amazing experience!


Coraline benifits from 3D in a unique manner. As films are considered an artistic medium, Coraline really pushes the boundary of film as art, so much so that film really felt to me as it was art in motion,... with a great story. :) The 3D aspect further perpetuates the feeling of the film as substantive art.

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