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Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Wii)

Romier S

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The guys that handled Silent Hill Origins are apparently working on a remake of the original Silent Hill**. The BBFC have already classified the game:




No official word on what platforms but word is the game is coming for the Wii and PSP (booo!). I'd be far more eager if it were hitting the 360/PS3 but since we don't know anything official as of yet, I'll hold onto my commentary.


**Now the remake info and being developed by Climax is pure rumor right now. This classification could end up being nothing more than a PSN release of the original game.

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...and its official. Silent Hill Shattered Memories is the name and it's coming to the Wii (and no it's not an April Fool's Joke).




This is not a remake however according to the dev team. It's a reimagining of the first game with a slew of new content. Here's a comment from the article:


“The characters play different roles, things don’t necessarily happen in the same order, and the story is taken in lots of new directions. You still play as Harry Mason, you’re still looking for your daughter, and you’ll see familiar elements, but they’re all twisted to betray your expectations.”


“One of Shattered Memories’ most significant and intriguing additions—your answers actually affect how the game unfolds. And it doesn’t end there. the game “watches” you constantly, and your behavior throughout can determine when you’ll meet certain characters, which scenes you’ll witness, and a variety of other factors.” “In Silent Hill games, the town always gets inside the protagonist’s head,” say Hulett. “But now, it’s getting inside YOUR head.”


“We’re using the Wii Remote to interact directly with the environment, so the puzzles are all based around that idea,” says Hulett. “You’re not just hitting buttons to choose things.” He also notes that the solution to a puzzle is always in the immediate vicinity, and assures us there’s a lot less backtracking then in previous games.”


“Longtime fans of the series will also be delighted to learn that there’s a way through every locked door; no more checking dozens of entrances only to find that 90% of them are permanently barred shut.”


Some smallish scans:






Some of the hardcore will likely be pissed that they are f'ing around with the original but I say go for it. The Silent Hill formula needs an enormous jolt at this point. I thought Homecoming was a good solid game with flaws but even despite the fact that I liked it - I'm not going to deny it's "safe" Silent Hill with very little imagination. People give Silent Hill 4 a huge amount of shit but I liked the direction Team Silent was heading in. I hope they do something interesting things with this "reimagining". I would have preferred it coming to the 360/PS3 but I'm happy to see what some would consider a core gaming experience coming to the Wii that isn't on rails for once and I like the fact that the dev team doesn't look to have stolen the aesthetics from the movie!

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Since they turned into action games on next gen consoles?:lol


Seriously though, I'm still waiting for Fatal Frame 4 to hit the states.


By the way, there's a listing on the games Wikipedia that mentions that combat has been completely removed from the game in favor of enemy evasion (!) and a heavier focus on puzzles etc. If that is the case (and it's not just a bullshit remark thrown in) MAN I'm going to be a happy camper. I've always wanted a straight out old school style horror/adventure Silent Hill game with pure narrative/atmosphere focus. If that's what Climax does end up doing here - good on them for being ballsy. Though I'll take the comment with a huge grain of salt right now.

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New info has surfaced from the article supposedly..


-You steer Harry with the control stick


-The Wii Remote is used to aim the flashlight "This is one of the things we dreamed about when the Wii controller was first unveiled, and it's every bit as effective as we imagined."


-The developer wants the game to be as immersive as possible. "When you want to check on something in the environment, for example, you simply fix your view on it rather than press a button, and instead of text appearing on screen, Harry comments vocally." (MARl0 note: This sounds really awesome!)


-Streaming environments that completely eliminate load times


-The static noise comes out of the Wii Remote now. It also acts as your cell phone. "Just as we're starting to feel sufficiently uncomfortable, the Wii Remote rings and nearly scares us out of our seats." "There's no response when we answer this particular call, so we hang up and try the first thing that comes to mind: dial 911. An emergency dispatcher actually picks up, her voice emanating from the Wii Remote speaker, but she can't hear Harry and eventually hangs up. Looks like we're on our own."


-Combat has been completely removed from the game. "Instead, you have no choice but to flee, which proves considerably more terrifying."


-Once the monsters see you, the chase is on. "Holding Z button makes Harry get the lead out, and during the getaway, you can barge through doors, climb over fences, jump through windows, and so on. You can even barricade doors behind you with a bookshelf or whatever else might be handy. The static gets louder as the monsters close in, and while Harry is running, you can look back over his shoulder. Watching these abominations leap over cars and crawl along the rooftops as they relentlessly pursue our hero had us on the edge of our seats." "To be clear, these chase sequences aren't quick-time events; you have full control over Harry and can choose whichever path you see fit to his destination." "The monsters will take alternate routes to try to cut you off, and they'll use their numbers to flank you whenever possible."


- "Shattered Memories is about as far removed from a typical remake as you can imagine. It takes inspiration from the original as the foundation for something that feels like a true evolution of the series."

No combat situation could turn out to be true! Holy crap if it is! I love it. I really don't want to get massively hyped but good lord if the game ends up being half as good as that sounds and it's actually a reality! A Silent Hill game that pulls the focus away from combat and focuses on story, exploration and puzzles? Oh my....

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I really like the static from the Wiimote idea. Again, not to mention Lit in every post I make today, they use the Wiimote to great effect as a phone and thus storytelling device. I can see it being used excellently here. I will share this cautious optimism. FOR NOW.

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More pics!









You'll note the mention of the flare and it keeping your pursuers at bay which sort of confirms how enemy encounters will be handled. The cell phone looks to play a major role as well and Yamaoka has an interview in the mag. He'll no doubt be contributing his music as usual (it wouldn't be Silent Hill without it).


The only issue I see with this right now is that I almost wish it wasn't a "reimagining" of the original game. There seems to be enough new ideas here to get a new narrative/characters involved without having the weight of the original games expectations around its neck. It's a minor issue really in what looks to be a good number of positives but its a concern.


God if this does turn out to be an April Fool's prank I'm going to kill someone.:)

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Official PR is out. It's hitting the PS2 and PSP as well:


Konami reinvents its first Silent Hill classic, as Shattered Memories arrives to scare on Wii, PSP and PlayStation 2

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH is to bring its terrifying Silent Hill series to Wii™ as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories heads to the Nintendo system for the first time in Autumn. The game, a clever reimagining of the now out of print first Silent Hill title, will also be released for PSP? (PlayStation?Portable) and PlayStation?2 at the same time.


While the game shares its twisting plot with the original PlayStation game, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories takes a different path in many, many ways. Characters can be approached but will offer different responses and be found in different places, while new clues and gameplay paths can be followed. The title follows Harry Mason, as he attempts to unravel the mystery of his missing daughter, Cheryl. A broken man, Mason’s investigations lead him to the mist-shrouded, snowy streets of Silent Hill: a malevolent town where the shadows play host to a wealth of evil, misshapen creatures.


Designed to make full use of the Wii’s unique controllers, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories uses the Wii Remote™ as a torch and cell phone as Mason looks for clues. The torch is vital for scouring the darkened, abandoned buildings of Silent Hill, while the phone acts as a secondary user interface, allowing the player to access maps via its GPS capabilities and take pictures of interesting elements. Likewise, the Wii Remote also can be used to pick up, examine and manipulate items to solve puzzles along the journey. Such technology was not available when the original Silent Hill was released in 1999, and its inclusion showcases Konami’s determination to enhance the playing experience with new, available technology.


Also new to Shattered Memories is a psyche profile element, which monitors every aspect of player’s reactions – from where they explore first, items that have been examined, and their reaction to those they meet. Small visual elements will also be altered slightly, adding to the oppressing atmosphere where nothing is what it seems. The psyche profile will adapt Harry’s actions as and when he meets normal-looking people or the game’s many inhuman denizens.


While the PSP? and PlayStation?2 will feature a more familiar control system, both games will boast the new additions, and are certain to entrance hardened fans of Silent Hill and newcomers alike. All three games are being developed by Climax, the team behind the acclaimed Silent Hill: Origins for PSP? and PlayStation?2, and will also feature an all-new soundtrack by series creator Akira Yamaoka.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will be released for Wii™, PSP? (PLAYSTATION?Portable) and PlayStation?2 in Autumn 2009.

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You know reading that magazine article makes it all sound great. It sounds like a really ambitious take on the Silent Hill franchise... and that scares me a little. I don't mean that in the sense that Pyramid Head scares the crap out of me. No, it scares me in the sense that I think the developer's plan sounds too ambitious. It's like the developer has all of these big ideas, but I can't help but think that they won't be able to pull them off in a compelling fashion.


We'll see, of course. I do think it's interesting that this very ambitious remake is coming out on Wii though, considering the lack of M-rated titles that find any success on the system.

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No, it scares me in the sense that I think the developer's plan sounds too ambitious.

Great. I'll take too ambitious than yet another fog ridden, rust colored entry into a series that needs the equivalent of a creative enema at this point. You know me and love of Silent Hill but seriously? The series "standby" scares and moment to moment gameplay are absolutely worn down to almost nothing at this point (with the exception of Silent Hill 4). I'm ready for too ambitious...


I don't mean that in the sense that Pyramid Head scares the crap out of me.

Oh and I swear to god if he makes in an appearance in this game, then I give up on any developer actually having any original thought or idea about Silent Hill anymore. I love the character but at this point he's the Silent Hill version of Crash Bandicoot..

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That looks really damned nice. It seems like Climax have put some real effort into the quality of the models. The face work looks excellent. I know that sounds silly but the Japanese Silent Hill games always had such superb character models. Especially in the third and fourth game. I'm glad to see a return to that here.:bow:bow


Here's some new impressions as well:




Shortly after, we had our first taste of Climax's take on the classic Silent Hill Otherworld. Deviating from the series' iconic industrial blood-and-rust aesthetic, Shattered Memories' favours a somewhat less oppressive ice motif. Stalagmites rip up through the ground, street signs and buildings bending as ice encases everything. These visually arresting transitions mark a shift in play style too, as the sedate exploratory pacing of previous moments turn into a relentless bout of frantic pursuit. It's here, in these 'nightmare' sequences, that enemies appear – however, with no weapons at your disposal, your only chance of survival is to run.


These segments trade the richly-detailed, claustrophobic 'real world' environments for expansive, labyrinthine arenas. As you careen through the darkness, ice plasters everything in an indistinct glow, the lack of any memorable landmarks only heightening your sense of disorientation. With enemies demonstrating incredibly aggressive AI, your only real option is to keep moving – smashing through doors, clambering up ledges, wrenching objects from walls and into the paths of your pursuers (shake them off if they pounce) - all while constantly scanning the horizon to plan your route ahead. The fluidity of movement calls Mirror's Edge to mind and, despite a level of frustration caused by the indistinguishable design of environments, these chase sequences are genuinely exhilarating and, at times, exhaustingly tense.

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