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Armed and Dangerous.

Romier S

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Some may have heard about this game and some may not have but I really think some focus and a little hype needs to be thrown behind this. Developed by Planet Moon which brought the world the incomparably fun Giants Citizen Kabuto. Really one of the few "quirky" studios out there that kind of have a knack for the strange yet humorous. Planet Moon at times reminds me of the Oddworld Inhabitants with thier focus on grim comedy and thats just what Armed and Dangerous looks to have. Lets face it, any game that allows you to shoot sharks at people (Yes you see the fin slide toward the enemy than the shark pops out and eats them :green: ) has to be at least somewhat good. ;) There is also an item called the "Topsy Turvey" bomb which literally turns the screen uside down throwing enemies into the air, then corrects itself thereby allowing said enemies to fall a painful death. Here are some screenshots to enjoy and savor:











You can also visit the official website here (some funny stuff there too):


Armed and Dangerous Official Site

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I mentioned how fun this demo was in one of the OXM threads a while back...I completely agree with you, Romier. I have seen very little about this game at all, and yet the demo was absolutely hilarious. I played through it several times; more, in fact, than the Rainbow Six 3 demo on the same disc.


That demo, along with the one for Metal Arms, is the perfect example of how the OXM discs can really help a developer. My interest in both games went from "never heard of it" to "must buy it" on the strength of the two demos alone.

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I bought this game today and have played a little bit of it. Great voice acting. Beautiful soundtrack. Funny dialogue. Worst cutscene graphics I have ever seen in an Xbox game (or on any next-gen console, for that matter). These are poor PS1 quality, with lots of fog (and not to cover up distant objects, this is in-room fog), clipping, unsynced dialogue, stiff speaking animations (when they're even done), huge polygons with not a bumpmap in sight. I'm no graphics whore, but this was shocking. Gameplay graphics are much better, but the contrast makes me curious about this game's development.

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