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Resident Evil Dark Side Chronicles

Romier S

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The Wii is not to be left out of the Resident Evil fun apparently Capcom has announced the sequel to its lightgun shoot-fet Umbrella Chronicles for Nintendo's platform. The new game will apparently cover events from Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica. You can see the first scan from Famitsu here:




Cavia is developing.

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Capcom announced Dark Chronicles today along with the "Resident Evil Classics" line which will include the RE Remake and Resident Evil Zero. Both titles are coming to the Wii at a $29.99 price point and both will feature the ability to use the Wiimote (no motion controls from what I understand).


Capcom Announces Darkside Chronicles and Resident Evil Classics


Capcom?, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced its plans for a big comeback of its multi-million-selling franchise, Resident Evil? to the Wii™ video game system this year. Resident Evil?: The Darkside Chronicles, the sequel to the highly successful Wii title Resident Evil?: The Umbrella Chronicles, is in development exclusively for the Wii and is set to hit North American retailers this winter. Capcom also introduced its plans for a new Resident Evil “Classics” line, which will bring the critically acclaimed Nintendo GameCube™ classics, Resident Evil? and Resident Evil? Zero exclusively to the Wii, allowing a whole new audience to experience the world of Resident Evil.


Capcom’s new Resident Evil “Classics” line will allow the new audience who has embraced the Wii to experience some of the greatest games in the Resident Evil franchise for the value price of $29.99. Both set to launch this year, the remake of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero have been refitted to support the Wii Remote, giving the Wii audience easy access to the rich characters and in-depth storylines of the series and the chance to experience both games on a new platform.


Also, there are a slew of screens for Dark Chronicles here:



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Is the Wii release of the remake prog scan compatible or widescreen? I already own the GC version and have no inclination to buy the Wii version unless there have been SOME improvements.


A little nervous since it uses "original" controls (which I heard were terribad)

No. The "C" control scheme is actually quite good and I'll happily say that even the default tank controls work just fine as long as you're going into this knowing you're playing a Resident Evil game.

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New lightgun game will be Darkside Archives, and won't be out till Feb. according to EB. RE Archives is a remake of Resident Evil (1 I think - it's set in the mansion and has Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield).


Re:Romier's Qs

I can't tell if theres anything related to progressive scan or widescreen as there doesn't seem to be anything related to that on the package or in the manual. Haven't loaded it up yet and never played RE remake on GC, have an older tv so i can't really tell..


I will say that graphically the screens appear similar to Umbrella Chronicles in terms of quality from the manual shots /shrug

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