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HTPC/HD Recording Advice


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So I want to record OTA HD signals and watch them on my TV, but am having trouble deciding how to go about it. Previously I just used the cable DVR, but it seems too pricey where we just moved to, so I want Here is what I have:


Mac Mini (Core Duo 1.6ghz, 2GB RAM) (connected to LAN via .11g wireless)

Xbox 360 (connected to LAN via ethernet)

PC (2.4 Ghz Athlon XP, 1GB RAM) (not currently connected, but would probably be ethernet)


My original plan was to get the Elgato Hybrid tuner, hook it to the Mini for recording and then export the recordings to iTunes to watch on the 360 via Rivet (same as Connect360). After reading up on it, it sounds like my Mini may be underpowered for the job, plus I'm not sure how good of resolution that the EyeTV software and the 360 can handle.


So now I don't know what I want to do. I just want a (relatively) simple way to record HDTV for time shifting purposes. This was easier to do in the days of VCRs :)


Any suggestions/ideas??

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