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Any bored Photoshoppers out there?


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If someone is bored and wants to have a chance of having their work proudly displayed on my wall - This is your big day!


I bought a PS2 Display off of eBay and am expecting it soon. It has spaces for five - 7.7 inch square advertisements. So I am wanting to replace the "old and busted" with "new hotness."


I'm not tied into just PS2 games (quite the opposite actually). I've even thought of replacing the "new" and "releases" sections with Xbox and Gamecube logo strips.


Some game suggestions - the ones getting the most play at the moment are the new Xbox live titles - Crimson Skies, Rainbow Six 3, Amped 2 etc. A classic game or two in the lineup would probably be good - Castlevania, Mario, etc. Or just do your favorites or a game you wish existed (the Halo2 thread comes to mind -ie Master Cheif DDR).


I've played around with it a bit but haven't had much time so I figured I would open it up to the masses stuck at work :) - so have at it! If you have space just link it here if not just e-mail it to me.


Thanks and have fun!

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Yes I am looking for replacements for the 5 squares (the ones with sports game ads at the moment) I believe they are pretty easy to replace so I will probably be rotating things pretty regularly.


For the moment I've just been Googling for things (game wallpapers that can be cropped etc) and have found good Crimson Skies and Amped 2 squares.


Just figured I would post it here if anyone is looking for any reason to practice their Photoshop skills (either serious or Fark-esque).



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Well, I did a Crimson Skies one because on their site they offer downloadable artwork, which is VERY cool of them. I took a few pieces of art and put together a little 7.7" square ensemble. Nothing special, maybe it's better than what you have already.


Here's a low resolution version:




But don't use the above, download this one to print:

High resolution, 484KB

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