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Region Coding bites the prez


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BROWN: Here's a gift of historical significance; it's made from the wood of a slave ship.


POTUS: Here are some DVDs you can't watch.


BROWN: Blu-ray?


POTUS: No. We picked up the boxed set at Target for $49.95, but see? I left you a gift receipt so you can exchange it.


BROWN: ...


POTUS: But you have to admit, it beats a hacked Staples "that was easy button" that doesn't work.

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Region problems aside, the POTUS also seems to have overlooked one other important tidbit of information:


PM Gordon Brown is nearly BLIND!





In one eye. The other's not bad. There were apparently some good films in that stack, too, and how was Obama to know that he was the one person in the country not to make his player multi-region?

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