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Nintendo's Punch Out! (Wii)

Romier S

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  • 1 month later...
I told my boys I would not get this for them until the show me themselves beating Mr. Dream in the first Punch Out. To me that is a gamer's right-of-passage.


So it could be a while.




I hope you tell your boys that for the first round they do nothing but dodge his attacks! :)


and your mean....right of passage my ass. I couldn't be Mike Tyson...er Mr. Dream when i owned the game! lol

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Okay I finally fell to the pressure. After watching clip after clip of the game on youtube and then going to the offiical site. The music did it for me. I'm just greatful that Nintendo only puts out a game I want every 6 months. Or I might have to eat sardines and pretzels to afford all the games I want! :D

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I finished up the first run through last night. I'm starting title defense now. For those just getting it ...boy are you in for a fucking treat. If you're hispanic, Don Flamenco will have you laughing your ass off.:lmao


Great, great game that I should have posted about days ago really...

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Jesus Christ. Soda Pop is sooo fast. The response time necessary to move out of the way of his punches is right on the margin of my reflex capacity. I think I would have to snort some cocaine to confidently respond to his punches.


That being said, twice now I've come within a few punches of TKOing him. So I'll beat him eventually.

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