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Katamari Damacy Tribute (PS3)


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This has appeared in the latest issue of Famitsu apparently, though it is not clear whether it will be a PSN release or a Blu-ray.


Namco Bandai is working on a PlayStation 3 version of Katamari Damacy for release later this year, according to the latest issue of Famitsu.


Translations from Siliconera and Kotaku agree that Katamari Damacy Tribute, as it's known, will run in full 1080p.


However, it sounds like a partial remake, with more in-game items, a new black-and-white stage, and a new game mode, along with familiar tunes like Everlasting Love.



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Haven't seen any word... but with all the music, fancy graphics, and expanded gameplay I'd lean towards a disc release.


I hope it's $49.99, actually so the original MSRPs will satisfy my OCD-like nature...


Katamari Damacy - $19.99MSRP

We Love Katamari - $29.99MSRP

Beautiful Katamari - $39.99MSRP


... :dancebanana:dancebanana:dancebanana:dancebanana

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This is out on the 18th over here, and on the 22nd in the US (and as we know by now it is indeed a Blu-ray release). Played the demo on the UK PSN and it's utterly delightful. The cell shading is really rather beautiful. Looking forward to buying this one (it's a respectable ?27 at Amazon UK)


Might be an idea if a moderator could rename the thread to reflect the game's final 'Katamari Forever' title.

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Crackdown scratches any itch I have for playing InFamous, and Uncharted is instantly dismissed on account of having Gears' cover system, and I HATE Gears.


I wish I could sit you down and smack you and then tell you how far off those comparisons and metrics are for those two games.

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Oh, the rest of the game looks nothing like Gears, I know. But I'm just in a really anti-cover mood recently.


Yes, I want to get InFamous, really. I'm just not going to get a PS3 in order to do so right now. If Sony had done their price-cut back at E3 when it was rumoured, instead of now, I probably would have done, but now I've got a Blu-ray I really can't.

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Tomb Raider With A Bloke And A More Involved Combat Engine is the most obvious way to describe Uncharted, yes.


Sadly, the UK price cut is only to ?250, which is still way out of my budget for what's just a machine that can play even more games than the ones I don't have time for on the 360. As I say, if they'd dropped it before I bought a Blu-ray player it would be a lot more tempting.


So, that Katamari, eh? What do people think? ;)

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