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Filefront shutting down...

Romier S

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So there isn't 100% confirmation of it but it's all but confirmed at this point...



Little bit off topic here and I apologize for that. I can't make new threads yet so I was searching for anything recent related to the former 1up network.


According to the forum manager of http://forums.filefront.com (which is now down), File Front employees have been let go and the site will be shutting down ASAP. The forums were the first to go, without notice to any of it's staff/volunteers. I've been a member there (and former administrator) for eight years now and I guess this is how it all ends.


I have no reliable sources to link to and the main website is still up, but the forums are down and the official word from the community manager is "that all File Front employees have been let go and the site will be shutting down".


File Front was the only site not affected in the UGO acquirement of the 1up network, so I figured I'd just give the heads up. I guess it was only a matter of time.


I originally thought it was an early April fools joke. Perhaps the servers are undergoing maintenance and the forum manager is just playing a cruel joke, but then I realized the numbers involved with this and I doubt that's the case. It would upset too many people, especially considering the forums hosted many mod communities, like the Forgotten Hope community.


Anyway, sorry for hijacking this thread. Perhaps someone can make a new thread about it and just C&P this into it.


Thanks. :)

I gotta say it's disappointing as hell to see them go. I usually get all of my PC patches and downloads from filefront. They also had a great archive of older PC files etc. that you were hard pressed to find anywhere else.:td

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