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Remember Escape From Monster Manor for 3DO??

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Ok, so it's not exactly a new game :lol BUT, reason I post this is because it was one of my favorite games waaaaaaaaay back when I was stupid enough to pay over $500 for a 3DO, and....one of the reasons it was one of my favorite games was because of the absolutely FANTASTIC soundtrack to the game.


SO, I'm surfing youtube and was watching videos from video games, and just happened to find a vid with the very good ending soundtrack from Escape from Monster Manor.


Sounded so good! Thought to myself how great it would be to be able to find some of the music online. Looked up to the left of the screen and there was a link to the entire soundtrack!!!!


It's in zip format but, every single audio track from the game is there!!! Even the awesome creepy guy that spoke between levels. Intro soundtrack too!!!


Ran each track through AVG and they're clean. They're also encoded at 320kbps and, no it's not lossless but damn...they sound great.


Here's the link for anyone that has fond memories of this soundtrack, or anyone that would like a great sounding videogame soundtrack. :tu



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