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CEG - Company disbands

Romier S

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Everyone I'm sure remember Seamus Blackley. Well it looks like his new company has failed due to the inability to acquire further funding.


Heres the link to the article:


CEG disbands


In the case of the Xbox founders, lightning hasn't struck twice.


Ending a well-publicized bid to create a new kind of middleman in the video game industry, a production company established by the co-creators of Microsoft's Xbox video game console has disbanded.


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This scares me:


Blackley has accepted a job as a talent agent at Creative Artists Agency, the Los Angeles company that serves as the agency to a wide array of Hollywood talent. He will focus on helping CAA expand from movies and books into the video game industry. Blackley said the job would help him carry on his mission of ensuring that game artists are fairly rewarded for their work.


Brian best call him up now and get that agent, so they can take 20% of your salary.

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I actually find this news sad. I gained a lot of respect for Blackley after downloading an interview from Planet Gamecube. It's a big MP3 (23.6MB) but worth downloading.


I also posted this link in another thread, but it's very relevant here, since he discusses at length what he was trying to achieve with his production company. He's a smart guy, and I wish him well.

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