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XMBC Media Center (Linux, Mac, PC)

Anthony G

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I really like this app for managing my video and audio. It's the same XMBC that was released for the original xbox as a multi-media hub, link:


XBMC is an award winning media center application for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and XBox. The ultimate hub for all your media, XBMC is easy to use, looks slick, and has a large helpful community.



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I'm a party pooper when it comes to XBMC. I didn't care for it much on the Xbox and still don't like it on my AppleTV. I even tried Boxee which is a heavily modified XBMC and found it disappointing. They both have all the potential in the world but they seem to function counter intuitively in terms of setup, importing media, and navigation.


I'll be interested when real interface pros join the development teams.

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I use Plex (OSX version of XBMC) as a Front Row replacement on my Mac and there is no going back to FR or WMC or any other app for me. LOVE the way Plex manages the library and everything. In fact, my only complaint would be that in the newer versions the interface is starting to get "busy" with so many Apps, the Help guides and the App store and such... You can of course choose to not display most of these but, they are genuniely useful so I kinda like having them there; its a minor complaint :)

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I've been playing around with the latest version of Plex on my Macbook and I absolutely loooove it. I'll be getting a Mac Mini for my home theater and running everything through it. Cant wait!


Can't agree enough: This is by far the best HTPC setup I've ever had. Better IMO than virtually any settop or anything you can buy at this point.

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Yea - they are plug ins to add "channels" to your video sources in XBMC/Plex and the like. The 4oD channel is one of the wife's favorites and it wasn't working for some reason, haven't tried it again today...


Most of these add ons are great but several are region restricted so watch for that.

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I assume most people have been using the Mediastream skin. There's a new one called Minimeedia (from Team Razorfish, just like Mediastream) and IT IS F'ING AMAZING.


Once you set up the optional art directories the way you want (I deleted specific show/movie art and other art I just didn't like) it's hot. I used the weather art, too and changed the RSS to the top 5 stories from Entertainment Weekly.


I also use the low list view mode in Movies and TV. Make sure fanart is enabled in scraper-specific settings for IMDB.


I strip out unused menu items like Programs and Shutdown from the menu settings, too.


One thing: The background rotation on the main screen doesn't seem to work on the last stable XBMC release. I switched the T3CH's nightly build and everything works fine.


Here's the MiniMeedia skin and links to art packages:




At first blush I didn't like that typeface (similar to Comic Sans but not quite as offensive), but I have to say it really looks good once everything is set up and you're using it.

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