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I need a Trophy


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This Easter, the grown-up kids in my family will compete our 3rd Annual Grown-Up Easter Egg Hunt. It's sounds like this year's will be the most competitive ever, and I was thinking about getting a traveling trophy that the winner would be able to take home all year for bragging rights :lol


Im trying to find one that we could engrave with the winners name every year, Stanley Cup style. We're probably looking to stay under $100, closer to the $50-$75 range would be great.


Does anyone have any experience buying this type of stuff? There's a ton of websites out there and I havent yet found anything that would fit with what we're looking for yet.

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If you want to be corny and fun, it shouldn't be too difficult to find old trophies at a thrift store for cheap. Get a bowling or baseball trophy and modify it to suit your event somehow. You could probably take it into a trophy shop and get the engraved bit replaced for not too much either I bet.

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Yeah, I concur about thrift shops... it would be easy to get one there and re-engrave it. Get one with a bowler and reattach an egg in his hand, lol.


That or every town has a local trophy shop in the yellowpages, I'm sure they can make something for you in your price range.

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