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Madden 10

Romier S

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Since Jacobs is a walking M.A.S.H. unit every year, I can see your concerns.

Heh. You have to wonder how long he can keep bashing the crap out of people before his knees finally give. I love watching him run but boy you have to wonder how many more years he has in him. The last thing I want is the Madden curse working its magic yet again.:)

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New article up at ESPN.com detailing the game...




Interactive fumble piles?!!?


I'm not crazy about that idea, but I like what I'm reading. It's easy to criticize EA for "churning out the same game every year," and there were a few years I felt like they were guilty of that early in this generation, but you have to give them props for being willing to take chances with their biggest property.

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