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Xbox Live Primetime


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Joystiq's got a big hands-on preview of 1 vs 100 with video etc.


team of writers producing original questions for every show in the 14-week season.

Now, back to those high stakes. While 1 vs. 100 is undeniably fun, addictive and even free-to-play, its most compelling aspect for many will be the real prizes handed out during each live show. The One and The MOB compete for a share of 10,000 ($125) per episode; technically, if you're extremely good, you could take it all. Also, everyone in The MOB is competing for a free copy of that week's selected XBLA game. It's awarded to the top three point scorers each round and anyone who makes it into the last 10 MOB members standing.


As we said at the outset, 1 vs. 100 doesn't revolutionize games, but it was incredibly engaging in our experience, thanks to the live presentation and chance to win real prizes. Plus, the questions were very good, not to mention especially current. We anticipate the live games being fairly massive weekly events that will ultimately make this a bona fide hit. We'll be playing -- will you?


Sounds good.

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I see all the Canadiens are on playing the 1 vs 100 Beta. Good for you guys you get to try something early for a change. To celebrate I am going to stream something from netflix for ya


Its awesome...when your not getting booted out to the lobby! :D

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I played the entire 2 hours on Friday night and managed to get into the MOB and eneded up winning a free XBLA game. They don't tell you which one but I think it's N+ because the add was up during the entire event. It was pretty cool and I'll definitely be playing on the 12th.


One person ended up winning 10,000 microsoft points.

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So I feel a little dumb today..as it turns out they're not giving away any prizes for the beta so anyone that thinks they won something last Friday is mistaken. It turns out that we simply get entries into a draw for a bunch of prizes after the beta ends...Either way I'll be online playing tonight..

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