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Beyond Good & Evil Review

Chris F

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I played the PS2 version today. Lots of potential but I didn't give it the time necessary to get a good feel. I ran into a few problems in level design where I simply didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. I'm sure with more time invested that problem would iron itself out though.


My only real complaint is that not all the script is voice acted. There are segments where (*gasp*) reading is necessary. It wouldn't be a big deal at all if it wasn't for the fact that the production values in this game are so high everywhere else. Why didn't they just add voiceovers for the text segments?!? It just feels like a last-minute addition.

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The Xbox version is a zillion times better than the PC demo. (I haven't tried the full PC game, so I don't know if that is any better) The developers made the inexplicable decision to support letterboxed 480p. The game supports a resolution found predominantly on widescreen tvs, but it doesn't support an anamorphic widescreen display. Wtf?



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Yes, this is a must-buy, especially at the new $19.99 price ($9.99 for PS2). I've only played a bit, but I am most impressed. The cut-scenes and gameplay are seamless, sometimes I'm even trying to "play" the exposition. Graphically very impressive as well. The characterizations are quite funny. It seems like it will have a mix of gameplay styles, driving, fighting, stealth, etc., a la "Haven." I like it a lot more than Jak II. Ubisoft has so many great games out right now that this one is slipping through the cracks. Get thee hence and pick it up!

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Originally posted by adamsappel@Jan 2 2004, 01:54 PM

Yes, this is a must-buy, especially at the new $19.99 price ($9.99 for PS2).

Woah, wait a minute! Where the hell can you buy this game for $19.99? Please tell me so that I can get my hands on a copy.

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Yea, Ubi Soft is going nuts with helping retailers rid themselves of excess product. They're positioning themselves as a retailer favorite which ought to pay off down the road.

BG&E just didn't perform well this holiday season. Their other deal (buy Prince of Persia get Splinter Cell free) is pretty phenomenal too. It's going to help clear a lot of excess copies of Splinter Cell.

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